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Abdulla Abdurakhmanov personal photo with a hat
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I'm a software engineer and a system architect.

The areas of expertise and passion:

  • Functional Programming
  • System and API Design
  • Containers and Distributed Computing
  • Networking and Clustering
  • Web Technologies and Web Design
  • Secure Software Development
  • Software Development and Engineering Practices

Active Open Source Projects

Slack Morphism for Scala

Type-Safe Reactive Client with Blocks Templating for Slack

Slack Morphism for Rust

Type-Safe Efficient Asynchronous Slack Client

SBT GCS Plugin

Plugin to resolve artifacts from Google Cloud Storage and Google Artifact Registry, with Coursier support

ADT codec for Circe

Circe encoder/decoder implementation for ADT to JSON for Scala

Secret Vault for Rust

Secure vault to store application secrets from Google/AWS/other secret managers

KMS/AEAD for Rust

KMS/AEAD envelope encryption for GCP/AWS KMS and Ring AEAD encryption

Google Firestore for Rust

Simple client library for Google Firestore

Axus Streams for Rust

HTTP body streaming support for Axus: JSON/CSV and others

My Latest Publications

API design — in search of excellence

Common rules and principles to design good APIs

A publication illustration

FizzBuzz in Scala: basic → parallel → reactive → distributed

Running a casual algorithm in different computational ways in Scala

A publication illustration

std::unique_lock<> for Java

Avoiding messy code with Java Concurrent Lock

A publication illustration

Early-stops in folds in Scala with Cats

Stopping computations in fold in a functional way with Cats

A publication illustration

Building a new website? A short security check-list for you.

Good security practices and concrete solutions

A publication illustration